"The quality of service your company “Ultimate Impression” provides is incredible! The Edgewater Tribute Model and Inventory Homes always look spotless when your cleaning team is finished. I greatly appreciate the fact that you are always available to take my calls, which is of the utmost importance in the building and cottage rental business. 


Our Models and Inventory Homes need to look their best 7 days a week! Plus Ultimate Impression is able to accommodate cleaning service anytime for the Edgewater Discovery Cottage. It requires cleaning at various times during the week to accommodate our out of town guests. They even take the time to inspect the quality of service performed on all homes and critique the work to make sure clients are receiving the best services available. When any one calls looking for a cleaning service, I always recommend Ultimate Impression, because they provide the best cleaning service, offer great rates, and are very reliable."

Bobbianne Hegleson - Project Director, True Homes


At Del Webb Charleston, we pride ourselves with the excellent homes and products we offer our customers. We expect the same of our vendors. Visitors to Del Webb, whether staying in a guest home in our community as part of our Explore Del Webb program or walking through the sales center and models, all our properties must be sanitary and pristine at all times.


Our work with the team at Ultimate Impressions has not only met but surpassed our cleaning expectations. Their team is very versatile and can handle all of our cleaning needs, from window washing, carpet cleaning to expert cleaning of our guest homes. People in the organization are ready and willing to do a good job and to take responsibility. Ultimate Impression leaves you just that, “the Ultimate Impression”.

Charley Schmitt, Program Manager/Ambassador, Explore Del Webb Charleston

"Ultimate Impression has been our sole cleaning service since 2008. Our products demand perfection for each and every clean on a weekly basis. Not only are we consistently pleased with the quality of the cleaning but also with the customer service we receive. Ultimate Impression employs a first class team and we trust that if any issue arises, it will be handled promptly and with the utmost professionalism. 


Their level of service is impressive! We highly recommend Ultimate Impression’s service to anyone looking for a dependable and high quality cleaning service."


Bob Meng - Manager, Explore Del Webb Sun City Carolina Lakes

"Having great product, price, place and promotion are all critical in the success of home building. Not only must you have a great product; presentation and maintenance are equally as important. Those of us who have been in the business for a while understand the difference between a “construction clean” and a “model clean”. For a model to be cleaned properly there must be great attention to detail, ongoing care, and quality control.


These are the three reasons I have continued to use Ultimate Impression since 2007. It is their high level of service that ensures my models will always get the greatest attention. Even if there is an issue, Ultimate Impression is always responsive and proactive with solutions. Bottom line … if you want your models to “SHINE”, use Ultimate Impression."


Marie Lorimer – Director of Marketing, AV Homes


“The level of Professionalism I have experienced with the employees at Ultimate Impression is undoubtedly second to none. Their team has made it known on numerous occasions that customer satisfaction is their top priority. If the cleaning is not done to our liking, we are to contact them immediately. However, when the Ultimate Impression team is on the job, no such call is ever needed.  


The pride they put into their work, every time they come out to clean, results in the job getting done right the first time. The Ultimate Impression team has been an absolute blessing to work with.  I am forever grateful for the superb job they continue to do, week in and week out, in making my model home look immaculate.”


Justin Feldman - Sales Counselor, CalAtlantic Homes

“Ultimate Impression is the cleaning company that has been with CalAtlantic Homes during my 8 years with the company. Having been in the Real Estate business for over 25 years, I truly know the importance of the customers’ first impression.  A clean home in their mind has a lot to do with how well the home is built. The Ultimate impression team of professionals goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning the model and inventory homes.


They follow up with the sales agents and management not only to make sure they have done an amazing job, but to see if we have any suggestions on how it could be better. Constant communication and a professional work staff are just two reasons I am sure they will be our cleaning company (and should be yours) for years to come. Don’t under estimate how important this part of the business is, THEY DON’T.”


Vic Karam – Sales Counselor, CalAtlantic Homes

“Lennar is an organization that truly values quality and innovation, which are two things that Ultimate Impressions always provides in their services.  No matter what job we ask of them, they follow through quickly and thoroughly without question.


Ultimate Impressions is ever evolving their service menu to make model home maintenance even more efficient and worry free. They continue to impress us with their dedication to the job, and we are very satisfied with all of the services they provide us.”


Callie Tucker - Marketing Specialist, Lennar Carolinas

"We have been thrilled with the level of service that we receive from Ultimate Impression. The Ultimate Impression team are very hands on. They offer a variety of services that help to make our jobs hassle-free and keep our model homes and show homes looking great. I highly recommend their services!"


Michele Scott - VP Sales and Marketing, Shea Homes


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